Cicloturismo all'Isola d'Elba

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Cartina dell'Isola d'Elba

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Elba, l'Isola dei Tesori

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Isola di Capraia, la perla dell'Arcipelago

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Tuscany Walking Festival 2009

Costa di Toscana - Diving Sub

Elba Island

Island of Capraia

Finale Premio Letterario Brignetti

Elba, L'isola dell'Imperatore


The Tuscan Archipelago is famous for its bright skies and transparent waters. The climate is mitigated by the sea: the winters are warm and the summers cool. This is confirmed by the weather survey based on the last ten years:

Clear days (average per year) 178
Mixed days (average per year) 97
Cloudy days (average per year) 90
Air temperature
Average per year 16,7°
Average in winter 10,7°
Average in spring 14,9°
Average in summer 23,7°
Average in autumn 17,6°
Sea temperature
Average in April 20,0°
Average in May 21,2°
Average in June 25,1°
Average in July 27,8°
Average in August 28,3°
Average in September 26,5°
Average in October 24,1°

Tuscany weather forecast by LaMMa

The Municipalities of the island

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Bicentenario Napoleone all'Elba